Ham Radio Repeaters In India

This list of VHF/UHF ham radio repeaters in India was generated using information from the RepeaterBook database. This map/list can be updated by adding missing repeaters on repeaterbook.com

Ham Radio Repeaters In India
Call Location Frequency Offset Status
VU2IU Bangalore 145.200 +0.6 ON-AIR
VU2TWO Bangalore, M.G. Road 145.650 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2RSB Bangalore, Nandi Hills 145.700 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2ZO Bangalore, Sree Kanteerava Stadium 145.275 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2PUM Chennai 145.600 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU3VHF Chennai 145.575 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU3MVR Chennai 145.675 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2LHS Chennai 145.550 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2MWG Chennai 434.100 +1.7 ON-AIR
VU2MRR Chennai 145.775 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2AOT Coimbatore 145.750 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2RPT Coimbatore 145.800 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2AJI Guntur 145.450 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2GWR Gwalior 145.000 +0 ON-AIR
VU2LHR Hyderabad, Banjara Hills 145.600 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2HEN Idukki, Calvary Mount 145.100 +0.6 ON-AIR
VU2CHN Kochi (Cochin) 145.600 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2MEP Kochi (Cochin), MEC 144.800 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2KOD Kodaikanal 145.150 +0.6 ON-AIR
VU2CVH Kolkata (Calcutta) 145.650 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2DND Kothagiri 144.750 +1.2 ON-AIR
VU2CSR Kozhikode (Calicut) 145.625 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2MWW Malabar, Kannur 145.675 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2MJJ Malappuram, Puthanathani 145.450 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2BBB Mumbai, Matheran 145.000 +0.6 ON-AIR
VU2ST Mumbai, Nana Chowk 144.100 +0.6 ON-AIR
VU2TRE Mysore, Chamundi Hills 145.725 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2FUN New Delhi 145.670 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2DLR New Delhi 145.600 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2IRT Ooty, Doddabetta Peak 144.975 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2BCM Palakkad, Nelliyampathi Hills 145.650 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2DFD Pathanamthitta 144.475 +0.6 ON-AIR
VU2PHA Pune 145.100 +0 ON-AIR
VU2CSD Quilon 145.350 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2RYM Rajapalayam 145.600 -0.6 OFF-AIR
VU2REC Surathkal, NITK 145.600 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2TTD Thodupuzha 145.300 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2TCD Tiruchengode, Yercaud Hills 145.850 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2POC Tiruchengode, Yercaud Hills 434.950 +1.6 ON-AIR
VU2TWC Trichur 144.200 +0.6 OFF-AIR
VU2XT Trivandrum 145.600 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2KDD Vijayawada, Gunadala Hills 145.550 -0.6 ON-AIR
VU2VCM Yelagiri, Swamimalai Hills 145.475 -0.6 ON-AIR
Updated: October 6, 2015 at 1500 UTC.
Source : RepeaterBook.com

VU2LHR: New Echolink Repeater in Hyderabad

A new open Echolink connected repeater has popped up in Hyderabad, India in the last couple of months operating at a frequency of 145.600 MHz (-) with a call sign of VU2LHR. The repeater is located at Lamakaan in Banjara Hills and is operated by the Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club.

Yesterday me and Sanjay, AB3OE went there to attend the Club meeting and check out the repeater system. Although the meeting was canceled we took a look at the antenna system and were surprised to find a very simple setup at a very low height given the fact that I was able to hit the repeater from a distance of 10 km with high rise buildings and a hill in between.

I can now talk to fellow hams in Hyderabad from Ann Arbor using Echolink and even try to connect UofM’s W8UM Echolink node to the VU2LHR node. Another experiment to try is to connect 3 Echolink nodes such that me in Ann Arbor, AB3OE in Hyderabad and Sushant Jha, KC2YQI/VE in Edmonton, Canada can talk to each other.