My First Award

Received my first ever Ham Radio award last week for scoring 1,135 point by working 136 stations in 2014 during the ARRL Centennial QSO Party. I now feel that I should have taken the extra effort to get the W1AW WAS award but my station was not working at its full potential.

[table caption=”My ARRL Centennial QSO Party Score” tf=”last”]Points,QSOs,Call Signs,Code,Title
400,4,4,PSM,Past Section Manager
175,1,1,SM,Section Manager
125,25,25,VE,Volunteer Examiner
70,2,2,ASM,Assistant Section Manager
62,62,61,MEM,ARRL Member
60,3,3,CM,Contest Managers/Log Checkers
40,1,1,AC,CAC/DXAC/ECAC Advisory Committee Member
36,3,3,EC,Emergency Coordinator
34,17,17,LM,ARRL Life Member
30,1,1,DEC,District Emergency Coordinator
15,3,3,CC,ARRL DXCC Card Checker
12,1,1,PIO,Public Information Officer
12,1,1,OO,Official Observer
10,2,1,MI,W1AW/8 operation from Michigan
10,2,1,ID,W1AW/7 operation from Idaho
6,3,3,AFF,ARRL Affiliated Club Call Sign
5,1,1,VT,W1AW/1 operation from Vermont
5,1,1,TN,W1AW/4 operation from Tennessee
5,1,1,OR,W1AW/7 operation from Oregon
5,1,1,NM,W1AW/5 operation from New Mexico
5,1,1,FL,W1AW/4 operation from Florida
5,1,1,CA,W1AW/6 operation from California
5,1,1,AZ,W1AW/7 operation from Arizona
3,1,1,QSL,Incoming QSL Bureau Sorters